Banned From Facebook

too offensive for facebook

Here’s another installment of images I have collected which I had to set aside out of fear that they would be banned from Facebook.  Due to the overly stringent and sometimes completely nonsensical Facebook policies, I now present any images that might be deemed offensive here on the blog, and then link to them on Facebook.  Personally I see nothing wrong with any of these, but people have been permanently banned for less.

banned from facebook

This image could be banned from Facebook because of the presence of visible female nipples.

banned from facebook

Again, visible female nipples.


And again.

banned from facebook

Yes, you guessed it, female nipples. Male nipples are deemed acceptable however.


You get the point.


The fact that the insides of this head are visible means it could be banned from Facebook.


And again, there are technically interior parts of the head visible.


This could be deemed too sexually provocative by Facebook policy.


This could be construed as condoning the use of illegal drugs, and hence banned.

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