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  T.U.K Women's Skull Bow Mary Jane Pump

    • Very cute!
   • T.U.K. quality!
   • Order a half-size up.
   • Way more comfortable than they appear!
   • Excellent value!

If these shoes had to be summed up in one word it would be 'cute.' Against it's black body, the red trim and bows really stand out and demand to be viewed, and the skulls at the center of the bows and on the buckles add just the right touch of cute gothic detail. It's almost impossible not to find the eye drawn to these shoes, especially when the red base becomes visible in movement. With an almost surreal feel to them, these shoes seem like something designed in American McGee's Wonderland, radiating cute, sexy, innocent, and sassy all at the same time, and tossing in the quality that is expected from T.U.K. And did I mention how often these shoes are called comfortable? Hard to believe anything that looks so good could be easy on the feet. These shoes quickly become a favorite of any who own them!

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