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     Iron Fist Sweet Skull O Mine Platform Heels

      • Dead Sexy!
      • Amazingly Comfortable!
      • True to Size!
      • Gorgeous Details!
      • Unique!
      • Rave reviews!
      • Truly Eyecatching!
      • Vegan Friendly!

These shoes have consistently sold well, but are often at the low end of best-seller lists or just shy of making it onto the best-seller lists. With an understated, almost luminescent charcoal grey and black exterior and metal-studded detailing, they catch the light just enough to get attention, while the fine details keep people looking. They strike the perfect balance of eye-catching and understated, making the wearer stand out as the focus instead of the shoes themselves. Not to undervalue the details though; attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of Iron Fist. The flower and skull detailing that wraps around the shoe really makes the design, and the skull printed on the bottom is a slick addition too. All of this combined makes for one sexy pair of shoes that go equally well with jeans or a skirt, and the more than reasonable price makes them all the more attractive. Definitely an undervalued shoe and a great deal!

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